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inFROM/FORMer: Tread

Pronunciation: 'tred
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): trod /'träd /; also tread·ed; trod·den /'trä-d&n /; or trod; tread·ing
Etymology: Middle English treden, from Old English tredan; akin to Old High German tretan to tread
transitive verb
1 a : to step or walk on or over b : to walk or proceed along : FOLLOW <treading a fine line between tradition and innovation>
2 a : to beat or press with the feet : TRAMPLE b : to subdue or repress as if by trampling : CRUSH
3 : to copulate with -- used of a male bird
4 a : to form by treading : BEAT <tread a path> b : to execute by stepping or dancing <tread a measure>
intransitive verb
1 : to move or proceed on or as if on foot <must tread lightly>
2 a : to set foot <has gone where others fear to tread> b : to put one's foot : STEP <carelessly treading on the flowers>
- tread·er noun
- tread on one's toes : to give offense (as by encroaching on one's rights or feelings)
- tread water : to keep the body nearly upright in the water and the head above water by a treading motion of the feet usually aided by the hands

inFROM/FORMer: Tread
inFROM/FORMer: Tread